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Expert application development & software solution offerings in order to best serve your business’ needs and bring value out of your investment.

Are you worried how to align your strategic business objectives with technology solutions along with the enhanced end-user experience?

What, if we say that you can get clarity in determining the right solution for your business and technology environment? Yes, you read it correct! Acuratech Global can assist you in finding the right technology solution that will deliver your business outcomes and drive an end-user experience that enhances the productivity.

Our Approach: Client Focus + Deep Technology Understanding = Real Business Experience.

Our Technology Consulting Services Include:

  • Enterprise IT Architecture consulting for manufacturing and industrial companies.
  • Design of enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions.
  • IT Project and Program Management.
  • Consulting related to manufacturing IT systems and managing between manufacturing and enterprise business processes.
  • Technical design of hardware and software products and solutions. It includes the design of the entire product/solution architecture and selection of relevant technologies and implementation methodologies.

Our Business Consulting Services Include:

  • Business development and strategic consulting in the IT domain.
  • Business and Marketing consulting in the management of hardware and software products and services.
  • Consulting in the domain of IT operations management and IT initiatives.
  • Design of IT products and services based on current market needs.
  • Sales support of IT products and services in domains of manufacturing, global supply chain, and business process integration.

Our Areas of Expertise:

IT Strategy Consulting

  • Identifying and Validating new expansion opportunities
  • Enhancing Application Development Efficiency
  • Technology Adoption

Mechanical Point Solutions

  • Mechanical Point Solutions
  • Automated Verification
  • Remote Diagnostics

Infrastructure Migration

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Process Innovation
  • Product Innovation

Why Acuratech Global?

  • We help you in refining end-to-end digital marketing processes and automation strategies
  • We assist you in improving how your organization interacts with customers, partners, and employees
  • We can enhance your business relationship between Marketing and IT to develop the new systems of engagement powered by mobile and sensor technologies
  • We use better digital data to build smarter products and personalized services
  • Our technology experts render advice to solve business and technology problems for global clients ranging from successful companies to startups and emerging industry leaders

To get the finest and best-suited advice and to make sure that any digital transformation for your business is in harmony with your business strategy, contact Acuratech Global!

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