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The Internet of Things is the future of business transformation. Companies in every field are aiming to provide a voice to their products. Customers expect smart devices that predict, react and automate. The time to connect is now & Acuratech Global can help you in connecting!

But, let’s first explain you about the “Conceptualization” in IoT

The first step for an IoT journey is  “Conceptualization.” During this phase, let us know what you want your connected product to be? You need to define your business value, use case and metrics that are required to be validated by your initial product. This phase is crucial, as it will determine success for the rest of the project.

Many companies are focused on the technical aspects of delivering an associated product to the market and do not realize the significance of business and customer values. Kicking off a project with the primary focus can drive the business, and market fit challenges down the road.

It usually takes 1-3 months for the conceptualization.

The next step in Conceptualization is Proof of Concept (POC) Delivery. Once you do have a clear defined business case, it is necessary to quickly move towards the proof of concept hardware and amplifying the business processes that will shape the IoT product data into an actionable one. The goal of a PoC is to confirm that the product can be connected securely, the data can be maintained via an IoT solution and that the business model will run to support the concept.

During POC, the device and data security need to be discussed.  When we talk about the significance of preparing a “beta” or a minimally viable product for the market for testing knowing that you can address the effects later that do NOT pertain to security.  Security is required to be addressed at this step and finished to the best of the company’s ability.

Built-in rather than bolted on has always been the considerate policy when it comes to security, and the IoT is no different!

How can the IoT empower your business?

  • New Revenue Models: It offers replenishable products or subscription services for recurring revenue.
  • New Product Features: It enables mobile apps for remote control, new functionality, and much more.
  • Feature Usage Visibility: With IoT, you can see feature and usage trends to inform future product decisions.
  • End User Insights: With IoT, you can understand who your end users are and learn more about their habits.
  • New Business Processes: IoT helps in optimizing product lifecycle, improve marketing relevance, automate service and more.
  • Remote Monitoring & Service: With IoT, you can be reassured that your products are functioning accurately, or can fix issues before the issues escalate.

Our unparalleled blend of award-winning IoT platform and partner network empowers businesses to move from concept to realization promptly. With our established track record, customers rely on the Acuratech Global team of experts throughout their IoT journey!

Looking for a technology partner who can provide IoT solutions over the entire lifecycle? Consult Acuratech Global!

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