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It’s basically an IMPACT ON THINKING and it all starts with identifying questions like how you invest your money, how you find your customers, when & what decision you have to make to accelerate the business growth.

And in this digital era, for any business with having large volume of data, only capturing the data is no useful but to harness and use it to identify important insights is paramount in decision making and that’s where it comes down to Big Data Analytics technology in order to understand patterns & get accurate future predictions out of all the data available.

Instead, with this technology it becomes far easy to give life to data by data visualization and use data analytics tools to gain valuable insights, make smart decisions, enhance operations and get higher profits.

How does it work & can solve complex business problems?
First of all there are many kinds of big data, one we have sort of more of traditional data like many of our banks, hospitals, big supply chains & other businesses depend upon, usually thought of a structured data class, which means most of the data is understandable with a simple form of processes to know what all the columns of the table and that’s standard and growing quite a bit because of the growth of internet & all of that. And then there’s a new class of data has started which created this revolution in the last 7 years and most of that is unstructured data which means nobody put together set of columns or schema for what this data is likely to mean, rather it just stuff that came out of everything we do every day like using mobile phones, from social media, internet, downloads / uploads, content from other sources saved electronically and all contributing to Big Data. Third class is Internet of things (IoT), which we’re discussing here separately.

How does big data work?
To do big data analytics, we don’t need big computers rather we work with cloud, endless network of normal servers and powerful algorithms. This way we can analyze over a million pieces of data in minutes and get desired results.
For example, video streaming website Netflix analyses big data of their viewers like popular shows & watching pattern, this way they produces successful series with perfect combination of actors, directors & story-line. These days, big data of traffic is being analyzed to develop a car that can drive completely accident free all by itself.
So that’s just a start!!.

How Acuratech Global can assist?
We help businesses process their big data using tools like Hadoop or MapReduce, to identify patterns and get valuable insights that enable them make right decisions at right time.

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