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To improve your business productivity, you need seamlessly integrated solutions. Due to diverse business size, type, services, products, and workers, some popular IT trends don’t apply to many organizations these days.

To cater semantics to such varied software application, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools create a fair way for both data and business processes to speak to one another.

Enterprise Application Integration involves developing a total new prospect of an enterprise’s business and its applications. This involves examining how the existing applications fit into the new prospect, and then finding ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while combining new applications and data.

Trends that are affecting software development companies these days:

  • Business agility
  • Cloud computing
  • Componentization
  • Big data and analytics
  • Internet-of-things

Acuratech Enterprise Application Development Services:

We meet all software integration requirements such as application integration, SOA using the best practices and methodologies. We aim at providing solutions for different SOAs like IBM WebSphere ESB, Oracle SOA Suite.

How our Enterprise Application Integration Services can help you?

Our enterprise application integration (EAI) services allow you to consolidate and coordinate data from various systems with automatic presentations to:

  • Enable scalability with Component-based Integration
  • Support structuring Modern Enterprise Dashboards without disturbing existing systems
  • Support hybrid deployments
  • Safeguard ESB data at every point

Our Methodology:

The process of application integration must balance various factors such as component management for directory services, workflow, operations, and deployments while developing applications. The other critical factors involved are:

  • We use the best method based on your business needs to assure that the Workflow products handle interfaces and message flows as services and messages.
  • Using SOA to define the interface models for components and applications. We know that basic workflow and directory interfaces are vital for all applications, we provide the midway for the enterprise integration tools.
  • Using dynamic resources for hosting applications and components to support cloud computing and virtualization.

Why Acuratech?

Seamless integration of disparate software systems can be challenging. Use our EAI services to improve real-time information access, streamline business processes, and facilitate system maintenance.

Using robust EAI suites and complete methodology, Acuratech can assist you in transforming IT silos into a comprehensive information backbone system based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The information backbone is comprised of multiple building blocks which will help to capture, store, preserve, deliver, manage and examine corporate structured and unstructured data.

We will drive out the inefficiency of different data sources, rationalize and analyze IT infrastructure, minimize costs by building standard practices of information exchange.

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