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Are you searching for a Top Cross-platform app development company in India that develops intuitive and feature-rich apps? Acuratech can assist you in building native alike cross-platform apps.

With the existence of multiple mobile devices and multiple smartphone platforms, we’ve gained expertise in creating multi-platform app development solutions. We deliver apps for multi-platforms by writing code once and making it work on iOS and Android mobile platforms, thus helping clients to get app developed in lesser cost and time-frame.

Why Go For Cross-Platform Mobile Applications?

Well, many entrepreneurs believe in getting a cross-platform app developed for their business. The reason behind getting a hybrid-platform app developed is that it can be used on all the platforms, whether it be an Android device or iOS. It is developed by using a single scripting which includes CSS, HTML, and JAVA. Main Reasons are:

  • Improve Reach: Applications that are compatible with multiple mobile platforms will reach a wider set of users.
  • Save Time: Writing single code for multiple platforms reduces time-to-market.
  • Reduce Cost: It cuts down the Cost, and it becomes very less with cross-platform app development.

Industries We Focus On:

Along with a great experience in developing apps for iOS and Android, we have successfully served various industries with the cross-platform mobile application. These are some of the industries which we focus on:

  • E-Commerce
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Fitness & Sport
  • Healthcare
  • Social Media
  • Finance

The most important thing while developing cross-platform apps is to make sure that the application looks engaging and user-friendly on each platform and functions the same way. This is where we make the real difference count by picking the best technology stack for cross-platform app development. The technologies we use for our cross-platform app development are:

  • Cordova PhoneGap: With an expert PhoneGap team, we develop mobile apps with native alike graphics and functionality with web technologies taking full advantage of the CLI and SDKs.
  • Xamarin Development: Our team, has built remarkable native alike, mobile apps on Xamarin. Creating the best from Microsofts’ C# technology on Xamarin, we design fabulous mobile apps loaded with latest OS features.
  • Titanium Development: Using native UI elements, APIs, sturdy libraries and frameworks of Appcelerator Titanium platform, we develop apps with features like real-time analytics.
  • Ionic AngularJS Apps: We deliver iconic mobile applications on a powerful Ionic framework from the very beginning of its release. Our team designs balanced and powerful apps for using web libraries from Ionic.
  • Kony: With the help of Kony, we build web or hybrid apps with a particular code base. This JavaScript-enabled mobile app development platform is well suited for enterprise apps.

Why Choose Acuratech for Cross-Platform Apps?

At Acuratech, we understand the market requirements and prepare the appropriate mobile strategy for your business. Our knowledge and expertise in cross-platform development combine in-depth research of business verticals, assuring right implementation path for clients’ success.

We believe in carving the best designs for the small screen devices with perfection giving them smooth flowing UI navigation and user experience similar to native approach on cross-platform frameworks.

We have built cross-platform applications using most of the conventional frameworks in the industry. Our team excels in writing compact code on web technologies (CSS3, JS, HTML5, C#, etc.). Our developers build hybrid apps with enhanced performance and develop required protocol stacks such as RTP, HTTP, SOAP XML, REST, etc.

  • We don’t compromise on quality
  • We provide reliable and budget free services
  • We are committed to providing the best outcomes for our clients

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