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With the hype going on these days about SAAS Application Development, What exactly is SAAS?

SAAS (Software As A Service) is the latest solution delivery model where the applications are hosted on the providers’ infrastructure remotely.

What’s the best part about it?

There is no need for users to install any app or software other than a browser. SAAS has resolved all the hardware and software issues while helping the users with time-saving, reducing the development resources, upgrading, marketing and client conversion. Though it needs the expertise to build these innovative SAAS applications and we, at Acuratech, have that expertise as well as the knowledge. We provide SaaS development services across a huge range of business verticals. We can help you with our innovative services and features!

Our team of skilled software professionals takes care of your SaaS development requirement from the very start to the end. Our spectrum of SaaS development services includes:

  • SaaS conceptualization
  • Strategy for deployment
  • Strategy for the platform
  • Design of user experience
  • SaaS architecture
  • SaaS design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Migration from on-premise to SaaS

Our Work Methodology:

Integration of SAAS Apps

For being efficient, a SAAS solution needs to be capable of communicating well with other data sources, solutions, and services. And we make it possible through the use of custom integration apps or APIs.

Analytics and Data Management

We create unique analytic solutions by using custom or pre-built tools. Through our exceptional analytics, efficient data management tools, and reporting solutions, we assist you and your clients in getting most of your data.

App Management

We help our SAAS app owners to maintain their apps and important data on the cloud by delivering on-demand service. We help you at every single step from developing to deploying the SAAS app solution on the cloud.

Our SAAS Applications Features:

  • Our apps are highly scalable so that you don’t have to face any issue whenever your business grows.
  • Our SAAS Apps are highly responsive due to their great design.
  • Our Apps have the best API and integration.
  • With rapid prototyping, our clients can get a glimpse of what their application will look like and how will it work.

Why Acuratech?

Acuratech has delivered more than 100 SAAS applications for clients across the globe. From creating a strategy to deployment and scaling, we are expert in everything. We can deliver almost any kind of software in SaaS model, like CRM, ERP, Office & Messaging, MIS, & HR. Our professional team works with the latest working technologies for Web 2.0, RESTful API’s, & SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) designs for any type of cloud infrastructure. This gives our clients the flexibility to trust us and work with us.

We guarantee our customers’ uninterrupted access to the solution bundled with their unique customization. Our on-demand SaaS services give highly scalable solutions with high-cost reduction. We also hold a lot of experience in creating custom SaaS applications.

If you are looking for the best SAAS solutions that are built on smartly organized fine-grained configurable components? Contact Acuratech Global and work with the industry specialists!

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